It is the objective of the ACOE to maintain the association as an organization of chief engineers, or the industrial equivalent thereof, who have a special interest in the practices of plant engineering. The organizational activity, within the scope of this specialized field of interest, shall be dedicated to the improvement of service to its members, their employing companies, the engineering profession and the community. Association activities shall be directed to accomplish the specific objectives of education, the exchange of information, plant tours and service on governmental licensing boards and industrial code boards.

It is an objective of the association to provide, through an apprenticeship program, a better qualified stationary engineer and to promote the welfare and raise the standard of engineers by instituting educational programs within our organization.

The association emphasizes supervisory concepts and helps the engineer better direct and motivate his staff and interface effectively with other areas of management.

The association strives to enhance the prestige and professional status of stationary engineers and, when appropriate, to serve as a “voice of the stationary engineer.”

It is a goal of this association to maintain an effective level of membership participation.




Code of Ethics

No disclosure of information by a member of the ACOE shall be used for his or her employer’s disadvantage.

ACOE membership shall never be used as a tool of salesmanship toward other members or their employers.

No member of the ACOE shall align himself with any vendor, contractor or supplier for the express purpose of personal gain.

No member of the ACOE shall ever knowingly say or do anything which may jeopardize the position of another member with his or her employer.

Members of the ACOE are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in the normal routine of their duties so as to enhance the dignity of their profession and their affiliation with the Association.

Any member that is found to have acted in an unethical manner, by the ethics committee, and is voted on as such, by a quorum of, and at a general meeting will result in the individual’s dues not being accepted for the following year, nor will that person be considered for future membership, unless otherwise stated at the time voting takes place.

Board Of Directors


Jose Hernandez, Chief Engineer Brookfield Properties

2019 ACOEPresident

Work Phone: 713-951-7455
Cell Phone: 832-309-2370
Email: jose.hernandez@brookfieldproperties.com

Jose oversees roughly 2 million sf class A office, in the downtown Houston area.

He is your current 2019 ACOE President and over 18 years’ experience, who specializes in Building Engineering, Voice and Data Networking, Expediting Building Projects, Construction Drawing Review, Budgeting & Cost Control.

2015 he was the ACOE Volunteer of the Year and 2016 and 2017 Vice President
He has a degree in Automotive Technology and has also earned his Associate of Applied Science certification. He believes his talents allow him to achieve his goals. Also holds State of Texas Maintenance Electrician License

Jericho Whitener, Assistant Chief Engineer Transwestern

ACOE Vice President

Work Phone: 713-552-0046
Cell Phone: 713-584-5221
Email: jericho.whitener@transwestern.com

Jericho previously served the ACOE as Treasurer.  He has 18 years of experience in the field. He has enjoyed his previous successes and experiences gained and welcomes all that will come. Jericho has a strong back ground in building automation systems and capital project planning. Jericho is responsible for 2.3 million sq ft of property including a 30 story state of the art office. Away from the office  Jericho enjoys spending his time with his Wife and Kids, Coaching Baseball and Fishing off his Kayak.

Ricky Yerena, Global Operations Advisor Chevron


Work Phone: 713-754-2376
Cell Phone 832-470-6313
Email: rvyerena@chevron.com

Ricky has more than 30 years in facilities operations management experience responsible for efficient operations from local dedicated facility to regional facilities and global operations management and guidance to local facility management. He has served as Chief Engineer, Engineering Manager, Operations Manager, Operations Advisor and currently Global Operations Advisor.
Ricky is also a 1st Grade Stationary Engineer and Maintenance Electrical professional licensed both in the City of Houston and the State of Texas.
With this vast base of knowledge and experience, Ricky has the innate ability to understand the reality faced on all levels of building engineering operations and the challenges faced as a manager when having to weigh potential trade-offs in operational risks when fiscal constraints are encountered. Ricky’s true value is realized when the needs and opportunities of global facilities are supported with a consistently guided approach to efficient operations.
Ricky lives in Spring, Texas, enjoys spending time with his family, and his passion is to tinker in his garage with his projects.


Felix Rodriguez, Assistant Director of Operations Simon Property Group

Position #1

Work Phone: 713-966-3535
Cell Phone: 832-517-0406
Email: frodriguez@simon.com

Felix Rodriguez is currently the Assistant Director of Operations at The Galleria.  Rodriquez a native Houstonian, began his career at The Galleria in 2002 as an Apprentice.

After earning his Third Grade Stationary Engineer License at The Galleria, Rodriguez left the retail industry to pursue opportunities with Coast Range Properties.  While there he gained valuable insight into office building operations, and quickly took a Chief Engineer position with Cameron Management. 

Rodriquez has also held the role of Project Manager/Business Development  with a local general contracting company in Houston.  While there Felix began overseeing tenant build outs at The Galleria.  In 2013, Rodriguez determined that he enjoyed working in a retail facility and has been employed as the Assistant Director of Operations at The Galleria for Simon Property Group since then.

Albert Velazquez, Building Engineer CBRE

Position #2

Cell Phone: 713-320-1000

Albert is currently the chief operating engineer at CBRE. He is a native Houstonian who began his career at the historical Niels and Mellie Esperson Buildings in 2013 as an apprentice engineer. The Esperson Building won the TOBY award while he was on the Cameron Management engineer team in 2016. Quickly gaining knowledge and experience with building automation and building management, he accepted an opportunity with ABM at the River Oaks District in 2016 as an operating engineer. In 2017 ABM assumed management of the John P. McGovern building; where Albert now serves as the chief operating engineer. Overseeing the Health Museum, he is also responsible for the welfare of A1 Charter School which operates in the museum.    In addition to his passion for being an operating engineer, Albert is also a combat veteran. He served our country for 13 years in the US Army as a sergeant. From 2005 to 2018, he was deployed twice during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is now attending Houston Community College to pursue his bachelor’s degree in building design and construction technology. In his spare time, Albert loves spending time with his family, fishing, bike riding, and attending sporting events.


Rudy Matamoros, Chief Engineer Lincoln Properties


Work Phone: 713-236-9118
Cell Phone: 832-853-2261
Email: rmatamoros@lpc.com

Rudy Matamoros, Chief Engineer at Lincoln Property. As Chief Engineer, Rudy is responsible for overseeing and managing the engineering staff with a portfolio of over 3 million SF encompassing office, retail shopping centers and industrial properties. 

Due to Rudy’s passion for the Engineering field he furthers his growth, as well as others, by serving on the ACOE Board, as 2016 and 2017 President. 

 A career in the building engineering field for over 20 years with past positions starting as an Apprentice Engineer and consistently raising the bar of which led to Chief Engineer. Previous employers in the real estate sector range from a history with CMD Realty, and Moody Rambin.

 Rudy brings numerous achievements and marketability:  3rd Grade Engineer License, Pneumatic Control Systems, CFC Universal License, Maintenance Electrical License, ASHRE Course (Water Pumps and Design), Asbestos Safety Training, Houston High-Rise Fire Prevention, SMT Completion and future SMA Completion.

 Due to Rudy’s passion for the Engineering field he furthers his growth, as well as others, by serving on the ACOE Board, as 2016 President. ACOE is an organization that promotes and provides scholarships for engineering candidates, as well as gives back to the community.

It is well for a man to respect his own vocation, whatever it is and to think himself bound to uphold it and claim for it the respect it deserves.

by Charles Dickens


President’s Roster

  1. 1952    R. E. Humphrey
  2. 1953    F. D. Garvin
  3. 1954    O. W. Rosin
  4. 1955    C. V. Parker
  5. 1956    V. B. Wampler
  6. 1957    R. F. Dowling
  7. 1958    D. E. Eames
  8. 1959    A. R. Plowman
  9. 1960    H. U. Matthew, Jr.
  10. 1961    H. B. Dodge
  11. 1962    S. A. Winn
  12. 1963    J. V. Stephens
  13. 1964    Joe Sadler
  14. 1965    R. E. Brown
  15. 1966    J. H. Rider
  16. 1967    H. L. Harrell
  17. 1968    Walter Linderman
  18. 1969    Jerry Trncak
  19. 1970    J. B. Deglandon
  20. 1971    James Lewis
  21. 1972    Ben Buckner
  22. 1973    Bill Gray
  23. 1974    Al Barstch
  24. 1975    J. L. Kelley
  25. 1976    John Thomason
  26. 1977    Jacki Meyers
  27. 1978    John Woods
  28. 1979    John Little
  29. 1980    Tony Morille
  30. 1981    Ronald T. Peters
  31. 1982    Donald Chrisner
  32. 1983    C. J. Portella
  33. 1984    Albert W. Sallee
  34. 1985    Don McCartney
  35. 1986    Marvin E. Henry
  36. 1987    Thomas Easley
  37. 1988    James Thornton
  38. 1989    Roy A. Paul
  39. 1990    Richard B. Dudczak
  40. 1991    T. Soule / G. Perez
  41. 1992    Scott Van Dusen
  42. 1993    Ron Hutchinson
  43. 1994    Edmond Yargo
  44. 1995    Dave Teehee
  45. 1996    Joe Mathis
  46. 1997    Ronald T. Peters
  47. 1998    Rick Gates
  48. 1999    Melvin T. Craddock
  49. 2000    John T. Bays
  50. 2001    Tim Nall
  51. 2002    Richard Burrows
  52. 2003    David Pommerencke
  53. 2004    Lloyd Wilkinson
  54. 2005    Steven Lloyd
  55. 2006    Lloyd Blackstock
  56. 2007    Danny Rodriguez
  57. 2008    Jack Hollis
  58. 2009    Dennis Wingo
  59. 2010    Danny Allsup
  60. 2011    Tommy Wood
  61. 2012    Danny Rodriguez
  62. 2013    Danny Rodriguez
  63. 2014    Tom Wilson
  64. 2015    Tom Wilson
  65. 2016     Rudy Matamoros
  66. 2017     Rudy Matamoros
  67. 2018     Jose Hernandez
  68. 2019     Jose Hernandez

ACOE Founders

  1. A. A. Reinhart
  2. A. B. Pitts
  3. Alton Elliot
  4. C. V. Parker
  5. D. L. Taylor
  6. F. D. Garvin
  7. F. W. Berma
  8. Foy Gates
  9. H. A. Reeves
  10. H. T. Pearson
  11. Ira Deglandon
  12. K. G. Warfield
  13. L. H. McCoy
  14. L. O. Sudduth
  15. O. W. Rosin
  16. R. A. Amal
  17. R. B. McFarland
  18. R. D. Williams
  19. R. D. Withrow
  20. R. E. Humphrey
  21. R. P. Massey
  22. R. W. Means
  23. V. P. Wampler
  24. W. P. Giles

Thank you to all that served.

Our sincere gratitude to the pioneers who foresaw the need for this organization.